Join Art Club!


Emma Hubacz

Students work together on the 2021 scarecrow.

Tantasqua Art Club runs every Tuesday in room 2147 with Ms. Hubacz.

Join us in person to get your hands dirty and get creative with a variety of art projects! As often as possible, we will work on community engaging projects, and students have the option to work on individual projects during their time in Art Club.

  • Design a tree for the Festival of Giving Trees
  • Japanese Ink Paining & Tea Ceremony
  • Tie-dye Shirts & Unique Shirt Design
  • Participation in the Tantasqua High School Craft Fair

Join the Art Club Google Classroom to stay up to date using the code alnbyff

Local art competition and scholarship opportunities are posted in the Google Classroom for the club, along with any art school visits, or changes to the schedule.

Students in their handmade art club t-shirts. (Emma Hubacz)