Recycle Club

The Recycle Club is off to a great start and all are welcome!
Join us for goodies to start as we meet new friends and assemble into small groups for each floor, gathering recycled items from the teachers and staff rooms. We recycle paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and cans, and now collect used printer cartridges (in the teachers’ work rooms). Cans with Massachusetts identifiers go to our yearly “Cans for Congo”, which helps raise funds for needy children with school expenses and other necessities in Congo, Africa.
This club also offers a great way to gather community service hours as well, for those National Honor Society members who need them.
The club meets every Wednesday after school in room 2146. Students have said that it’s a fun club and they sometimes get to see other teachers and staff as they do their collecting throughout the school. They’ve also been known to say that Mrs. O’Brien-Briere’s Brownies are the best!