Tantasqua Summer Destinations

Summer is a mystery in terms of student life. After the last day of school each year, what truly happens until the end of August when everyone meets up in the parking lots at school once more? The curiosity got the best of us, so we decided to investigate. Let’s see where some Tantasqua students traveled this past summer…perhaps we can even put these destinations on our bucket list!

1. Cruise: Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Turks and Cacous

Dylan Clark

During the month of August, Dylan Clark (senior) went on a cruise with his family. Contrary to popular opinion, he enjoyed being on the boat more than exploring the islands themselves. There is a sense of serenity in the open ocean with nothing around you for miles and miles but the skyline. His favorite stop was the Bahamas. What a paradise!


Sadie Blando


2. Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Sophomore Sadie Blando went to Walt Disney World during the summer while touring colleges with her sister. Her favorite park was Magic Kingdom. The atmosphere made her feel like she was little again; everything was so exciting.


3. Costa Rica

Julia Faugno


Julia Faugno (Senior) went to Costa Rica this summer with her family. From the pictures, it looks like a dream destination! During the trip, she went to beaches and on hikes. There were sloths and monkeys everywhere. Her favorite part of the trip was swimming in the hot springs. 



4. Home

Despite the fun vacations could be, sometimes staying home is worth it! Katie Riley (Senior) spent her summer in Massachusetts, preparing for her senior year and getting college applications ready. You have to get ahead of the game to truly relax. Sleeping, and mental health are so important! Katie also went on day trips with her family. She wouldn’t have her summer any other way! 

5. Boston

Nathan Lafaille

Some students traveled into Boston for day trips throughout the summer. Whether exploring the city or going to visit friends, many found reasons to enjoy Boston. During their trips, some students went to art exhibits and spent time walking around the city enjoying the outdoors. While not far from Sturbridge, it’s a great destination for a day trip. Train rides make the beautiful capital of Massachusetts accessible and affordable (depending on where you choose to go). 

6. Iceland

St. Laurent Family

Grace St. Laurent (Junior) went to Iceland for two weeks. She absolutely loved it, and from pictures, that’s understandable! It’s absolutely beautiful. She saw stunning mountains, glaciers, black sand beaches, and volcanoes! In fact, one erupted during her trip. Her favorite part was the four mile hike, in which she saw multiple waterfalls. Brúarfoss, she notes, was the most stunning! It was remote and unfrequented. A great time of year to go is during the winter; you can see the northern lights! She definitely wants to go back one day, and highly recommends it to everyone else.


Summer vacations are fun and there’s definitely a lot of amazing places in the world to see. The best part is, for all us high school students, we don’t have to fit it into one summer. We have the rest of our lives to save up and board that plane!