Science Club: An Opportunity for Enrichment


Tantasqua offers a wide variety of extracurricular options, which range from athletics to gaming clubs. Recently, a science club was added to the list. The group is organized in a seminar-like format, where students sign-up for a research topic that they are passionate about, conduct theoretical research, and subsequently present their findings; topics include biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, neuroscience, and many more. This club was created with the hope of enriching science curricula, and for giving students the opportunity to learn and grow, all while educating others about topics they’re interested in. Oftentimes, decisions have to be made regarding curricula that result in certain topics being left out; science club was created with this notion in mind, and is a chance to learn about these otherwise not covered areas in the field. As the advisor, Ms. Pease says she is energized and excited to learn about new science topics of which she is unfamiliar. 

The club was created in June of 2022 by seniors Will Glaser and Jake Rosen. Co-founder, Will Glaser, asserts the club will provide an invaluable opportunity for anyone who looks to enhance their scientific knowledge through both group discussions, and independent research. Senior Rance Jumawan is a dedicated club member who is interested in environmental science and the interface between science and politics. For Jumawan, he believes that long-term prosperity requires a constantly-informed society, and this club is a perfect avenue for such an education; he emphasizes that people can join the club if they want to help.

Science Club meets on the second Thursday of each month in room 2112. The next meeting will be held on Thursday, November 10th. So, if anyone finds themselves wishing that they could research a topic not currently covered in their science classes, then science club may just be for them!