Sophomore Spotlight: Gabrielle (Gabby) Bourbeau


Gabrielle Bourbeau

Gabrielle (Gabby) Bourbeau is a sophomore here at Tantasqua Regional High School in the academic division. She has been a lifelong resident of Sturbridge and is content staying here. A determined and hard working student, she always strives to do her best in every class. Bourbeau always has good intentions behind everything she does, whether it be cheering up someone who’s down, offering to help other students and teachers, or being a kind and generous person overall. She is currently enrolled in Spanish III, US History, Geometry, and Painting and is particularly enjoying her painting class, as she has always loved art, and taking a class centered around it allows her creativity to run wild. Bourbeau specifically enjoys the calming environment of the class, as well as the teacher, Mrs. Hubacz, whom she describes as both kind and supportive of her students.

Outside of classes, Bourbeau is a member of the book club, which meets after school once every month. She describes the club as “mellow”, and distinctly different to the club she had attended during her freshman year: D&D club. She recalls this club being “loud and chaotic,” yet still very enjoyable, due to her love of the fantasy genre. When it comes to joining clubs, Bourbeau emphasized the importance to join clubs you enjoy, as it’ll make it far more fun.

In addition to these two clubs, Gabby Bourbeau has explored the sport of fencing outside of school. She has been involved in practicing recreationally for about four months and is continuously improving. Her interest in the sport has escalated and she is now hoping to one day open a fencing club here at Tantasqua. However, besides fencing, Bourbeau is not a big fan of sports. She prefers to partake in more relaxing activities, such as drawing, explaining that anyone who knows her “knows that [she] loves to draw.” Her favorite things to draw are various monsters, humans, and hybrids. All her friends can agree about how skilled she is in her artwork.

When she’s not drawing or fencing, Bourbeau’s other hobbies include listening to music, playing video games, reading books, and hanging out with her pet cats, of which she has three. Surprisingly, her favorite animal is not a cat, but is, in fact, a sheep. She once volunteered at a farm and wishes to return and continue volunteering, as she enjoyed helping out and seeing the sheep.

With such a sweet personality and open mind, Gabby Bourbeau is sure to have an adventurous life, with many opportunities available to her, and Tantasqua is lucky to have her.