Clue: A Fall Production


Tyler Edmonds

Earlier this fall, Tantasqua’s Drama Club put on their production of Clue: On Stage. The cast starred Micheal Tamburri as Professor Plum, Casey Ellison as Mrs. White, TJ Belton as Mr. Green, Emma Lord as Miss Scarlett, Arthur Davidson as Colonel Mustard, Cierra Rossi as Mrs. Peacock, Lantana Meisl as Yvette, and Sam DeRose as Wadsworth. The additional cast included, Avery Adams, Keira Power, Riley Lancour, Rita Goodwin, Stina Pecci, Jayden Woodworth, and Hazzy McNally.

As well as the cast working tirelessly, the crew of this production worked hard behind the scenes to seamlessly pull sets, props, and lights together. Many find the drama club to be a place for friends and belonging. One crew member states that he loves the sense of community they find in the Tantasqua arts program, whether it be helping with the sets or eating dinner with friends.

While the spotlight isn’t all glitz and glam, no matter what problems came up, students and supervisors rose to the challenge and worked to put on an amazing show.

Thank you to everyone who joined them at Boddy Manor on that eerie evening for a night of murder, mystery, and fun. The audience was riveted, couldn’t get enough, and everyone is excited to see what the drama club does next.