Junior Spotlight: Elliot Conti


Elliot Conti is currently an attending junior here at Tantasqua Regional Senior High School. His humorous and kind personality has led to new friendships and opportunities since his transfer from Spencer schools during seventh grade. As a dedicated and hardworking student in the academic division, he’s currently taking on two AP classes and quite the handful of extracurriculars. For instance, if anyone is ever looking for Conti during or after school, the music suite is the place to check, as his classes include AP Music Theory and Honors Band, as well as after school activities with not only musical interests such as Jazz Band and Pit Band for both Show Choir and the musical, but Drama Club relations including behind the scenes crew work, as well. When he’s not tucked away in the music suite, he can also be found outside working with the Chestnut Club.

While Conti spends quite a bit of his time at school, he still finds chances to go home and partake in his own personal hobbies, such as playing the bass guitar and drums, as well as skiing. Ever since Conti was young he’s been interested in and a part of something music related, starting off as a dancer from the age of three until he was twelve, performing a wide range of ballet, tap, and hip hop, and overall finding himself drawn to musical theater. Over time, these interests transformed into playing instruments of all types, including drums, guitar, and bass.

As a junior, the reality of Conti’s future is just on the horizon, and he’s been taking the time and appropriate steps to help set his plans into motion. Spending time at Berklee College of Music earlier this year has no doubt given Conti exciting memories and motivation toward his future career as a music therapist. His journey of discovering what he wants to do with his future stemmed from how he “had mental struggles for years, and [how] going to therapy helped.” Conti stated how he “wanted to combine the passion of music and the want to help others through tough times,” which ultimately led him to music therapy.

While he still has a year and a half of high school left, Conti aims for his future to include attending a music college in order to get his degree. Getting through school can be tough at times, however Conti stays motivated through  his friends, who he says, “motivate [him] the most and inspire [him] to be better.” Conti is also influenced by his passions, making musicians he looks up to, such as James Brown, another force that drives him to continue his hard work. It’s been an eventful year for Conti so far, and he now spends his time looking forward to the upcoming skiing and Show Choir seasons, as well as what his senior year has to offer. 

With all the talent he possesses, Elliot Conti has numerous exciting opportunities awaiting him, and both the Tantasqua community and his close friends in particular are ready to see where they take him.